Difference and Repetition

Daniel Aksten
HK Zamani

February 11 - March 14, 2010

CB1 Gallery Inaugural Exhibition: Daniel Aksten, HK Zamani

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CB1 Gallery presented its inaugural exhibition, Difference and Repetition, featuring the work of two Los Angeles artists, Daniel Aksten and HK Zamani. The exhibition opened on February 11, 2010 and closeed on March 14, 2010.

Daniel Aksten’s work distinguishes itself as wall sculpture, very shallow relief and painting. The artist makes conscious decisions with regard to scale, texture and paint color and the composition, shape and image are given to chance— literally the roll of a die. The subject is contrast, not only of luminous color abutting a neutral ground, but also light vs. solid, intention vs. happenstance, contrast getting along with harmony. Forms emerge from this complexity. Optical radiance occludes geometric certainty.

HK Zamani’s dome paintings are portraits, perhaps even self-portraits, fragile portrayals. Some are ruins, some are vessels that transport—chrome and against corrosion—DeLorean, stellar. Many of the artist’s dome/tent paintings of the past years were more about the image than paint. Their recent transmutations are about paint. The new images in this series of paintings grow out of or away from their predecessors—they are sometimes devils, then angels. Some are on land, in sky or sea, occasional remnants, reformed or transformed.