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Jaime Scholnick - Woman in Dennelton, South Africa, 2014

Woman in Dennelton, South Africa, 2013,
Mixed media collage on paper mounted on panel, 15" x 11"


Past Exhibition

Jaime Scholnick

Redesigned, Repurposed, Re-everythinged

May 4 – June 8, 2014
Artist Reception: Sunday, May 4, 2014, 5 - 7 p.m.


CB1 Gallery is pleased to present Redesigned, Repurposed, Re- everythinged, Jaime Scholnick’s second solo show at CB1 Gallery. Her new exhibition takes its title from the popular 2008 Apple slogan and her work here too is re-everything-ed as Scholnick casts an eye on what it means to live in our culture at the present moment. Redesigned, Repurposed, Re-everythinged opens on May 4, 2014 and will be on view through June 8, with a reception for the artist on Sunday, May 4, 5 - 7 p.m.

As in her prior work, Jaime Scholnick uses the unadulterated polystyrene that she collects from an unlimited number of products found in today’s world. Much of the work however, has been stripped of the manically obsessive line and all over color that adorned her earlier work. Here, the color palette is more subdued or relies on color harmonies that create miniature compositions within a whole.

Scholnick’s continued use of this medium lies in her fascination of form and the unlimited variations as her canvas. The idea that these are indicators or artifacts of our time on earth is very present. In Redesigned, Repurposed, Re-everythinged, she shows us large “balls” of form seemingly collected, as tumbleweeds, the results of a cataclysmic disaster or reminiscent of a scene in the movie Gravity, space junk glomming onto each other. Time and Time Again, a large, hanging white mass of form, mesmerizes with the myriad shapes. This is made even more impactful by Scholnick’s decision to spray paint it solid matte white. Vertebrae is a seductive tower-form, made from big screen television packing, in which Scholnick uses a contemporary version of the Masters’ “indirect painting” technique (many layers of sprayed coats of yellows, burnt umbers and ultramarine blue paints). The result is a lush matte, deep tone that is hypnotic. As a harbinger of a future direction, Scholnick presents one piece milled out of walnut, sanded to reveal its luscious walnut grain then oiled. It is the elevation of garbage to art in its most austere and beautiful form.

Jaime Scholnick - Redesigned, Repurposed, Re-everythinged

Scholnick is also exhibiting her newest series of collages. Culled from popular culture magazines, art catalogs and fashion magazines, these works, too, are redesigned and re-purposed. She employs a similar technique with her line work yet these stream-of-consciousness pieces allow a figurative element to re-surface, not seen since her earlier work from the early 2000’s. There is a layered element to the work that becomes physically present, as the artist has chosen to leave the pieces unframed, allowing the viewer to fully realize the quality of line as well as the depth of color and pattern in the work.

Jaime Scholnick received her MFA from the Claremont Graduate University in 1991. From 1994 - 1999 she resided in Japan, studying papermaking and immersing herself in Japanese society. Awarded a papermaking residency from The Museum of Art, Tokyo (1997), Ms Scholnick’s work has been included in exhibitions in Japan as well as Amsterdam and Berlin. Scholnick’s work has been shown throughout the US and locally including CB1 Gallery, Angles Gallery, PØST, The Torrance Art Museum, Defamation of Character at PS1, Cross-Cuts at Otis College of Art & Design, Big Plastic at The Armory Center for the Arts, and Guns and Knives, Fahrenheit Gallery, Kansas City, MO. Her video short Hello Kitty Gets A Mouth has been included in various film festivals. In February 2104, Ms Scholnick’s large installation opened at LAX Terminal 1 and will be on view through late 2014 as part of the Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) program, in partnership with the City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs.