Saturday, April 26, 2014, 7:30 p.m.

An Evening with Donald Rubinstein
in Concert

Tickets: $15 in advance, $20 at the door

Donald Rubinstein

Donald Rubinstein is an interdisciplinary artist whose work includes music composition, songwriting and visual art. He has released 26 CDs of original music; composed concert works, numerous film and television scores, multimedia performances and over 300 songs. He has been exhibited at The Museum of Modern Art, The Whitney Museum of American Art and in multiple one-person gallery exhibitions.

Donald made his musical debut at age 25, composing the score to George Romero’s cult classic film "Martin." It was named one of the 'Top 100 Coolest Soundtracks of All Time' by Mojo magazine in 2002. "Fingers,” from his duet recording with guitarist Bill Frisell, was included in Jazziz Magazine's 20th anniversary CD, "A Celebration of the Modern Era." He has collaborated with artists as varied as Kiki Smith, Ed Harris, Terry Allen and many others.

"Donald Rubinstein’s novel, unpredictable one-man show is hard to match…stunning, house-shaking…hauntingly beautiful." LA Weekly

“What’s the source of Donald Rubinstein’s strange, jazzy, unique songs? Judging from his well concocted but often twisted work; he must have the oddest muse in the world, and also one of the best. He’s got enough weird poetic/musical genius in his brain to rival Jim Morrison.” Santa Fe Reporter

"If I were a smarter human being I would now invent a word that would explain exactly how freakin' cool and original in thought and execution Donald Rubinstein is with his music. This new word would have to embody the talent that you hear within the first 30 seconds of your first Donald Rubinstein song, that puts your brain on some new rails you didn't even know existed between your ears...discover the genius landscape." Adobe Airstrea

“Artful, standout songs…devoid of transitory trendiness.” Los Angeles Times